Do You Need Self Love?

In this blog post, I really wanted to address whether you know you need more self love in your life.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to really know without evaluating ourselves and taking a hard look into our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors!  Also, I wanted to share some boudoir photos with you from the waterfall session I had with my friend Ashley a few weeks ago.  Ashley has totally embraced her self love journey and has allowed me to lead her down a path that has seen so much growth.  She’s changed her life, her view of herself, and the way her kids see her – she’s put so much work into her journey.  The important first step though was that she made a choice.  She chose to change.  I hope you will make the same choice as she did.


It’s a pretty simple question when you think about it – Do You Need Self Love?  But, I imagine most people don’t know they are struggling with their own self love journey. They think to themselves, “Sure I like myself.  Yeah, I guess I love myself.”  But do you?   Do you?  Could you stand up in a crowded room and be unafraid to yell I LOVE ME? (**As I write this right now, I’m wearing my I <3 Me t-shirt.  I’m proud to wear it because I’ve fought hard and done lots of work to make this proclamation)

There are so many different areas of self-love.  It’s not just one thing.  What I’m learning in my self love life coaching certification classes is that there are many branches of self-love.  We tend to focus on one forgetting that the others exist.  And when we neglect certain aspects of self love, you get pulled into negativity that is hard to escape from.  My job is to be here for you, to listen to you, to guide you on your journey.  I want women to empower themselves, to proclaim their love and confidence in themselves, and look at themselves (flaws and all) with love and affection.

How can you tell whether you need some more self love in your life?  Let me ask you some questions:

Do you obsess about your appearance?  Do you feel the need to “fix” yourself?  Do you say mean things to yourself?

Are you scrolling through social media and seeing what others have and wishing you did too?

Do you feel like what you do is never enough? Do you doubt yourself?  Does that doubt stop you from taking action?

Do the opinions of others influence your decisions?  Do you put yourself down or openly criticize yourself?

Are you hard on yourself?  Do you blame yourself or find fault in you when something doesn’t go right (even if out of your control)?

Do you judge yourself?  Do you put pressure on yourself to be perfect?

Do you constantly revisit the past?  Do you define yourself by those experiences?

Do you think others are perfect but you are flawed?

Are you waiting for things to happen?  Do you let others control you?  Do you look for others approval, acknowledgment and acceptance?

Do you change who you are to “fit in” or be accepted?  Do you hold back your thoughts and feelings?  Do you fear being rejected?


IF YOU ANSWERED YES to any of these questions, you need to work on your self love!!

Questions continued (see there’s more.  haha)

Do you celebrate how others look, what they have, what they can accomplish during the day – without getting jealous?

Could you stand with a group of women that look different from you and not compare yourself to them?

Do you know what’s really important to you?

Do you know what YOU love to do?  Do you know what you are passionate about? (**Being a mother or wife does not count)

Do you feel like you have a GIFT to offer this world?


IF YOU ANSWERED NO to any of the above questions, you need to work on your self love!!

There’s so much work that we have to do on ourselves.  We have to come from a place of love and acceptance but first we must acknowledge that we need help in these areas.  We can no longer hide in the corner, pretend like everything is OK, and just wait for changes to happen!  We have to MAKE A CHOICE to make a change in the way we view ourselves.  You aren’t going to get anywhere by waiting!

What I’m developing with my Self Love Club is honestly life changing!  The activities that I have planned will

–Help build our confidence

–See how the things we say to ourselves bring so much negativity to our lives

–Show us how comparison kills our own unique beauty

–Determine who we are

–build a community of women who want to uplift and support each other

–Help you find those qualities about yourself that make you SHINE

–Learn to love, accept and embrace how you like just as you are

…..AND SO MUCH MORE!  I’ve got 4 things planned when this initially kicks off.  First, we’re going through a journey of self-discovery.  Then, we’re doing an event on stripping off the masks of what you are supposed to be and embracing who you are.  Third, my next Self Love Project starts with learning to love yourself through writing letters to your best friend.  Fourth, a practice in healing your heart from past hurts so you can grow into an amazing woman and see your future for what it will be!

Before I leave you with the photos, I feel it’s important to just tell you how passionate I am about this club.  I’ve worked hard on myself.  I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have issues with loving themselves – that work has lead me to where I am today.  Being a boudoir photographer is just a small part of my passion … helping women see the light, embrace themselves and unapologetically love who they are is THE MOST important thing to me.  I will be putting so much effort into these projects and events, but more importantly, I’ll be putting LOVE into it all.  A love I want you to have, a love I want to nourish, a love that never ends.

Why is Self Love important?

You hold true to your unique self.  You live life freely and confidently knowing that you are giving this world the exact person you are.  You no longer hide or try to change.  When you love yourself, it frees up so much love for others.  You set an example for others that it’s important to take care of yourself, to know who you are and NEVER settle for less than your heart desires.  You are amazing, you are unique, you are special, you are worthy, you are genuine, you are not alone….join me on this journey.

Now, to Ashley’s waterfall session!



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