Living Intentionally

What is intentional living?
Living intentionally means making a conscious effort to live the kind of life that makes you feel enriched, fulfilled and full of purpose. Small daily actions can get us CLOSER or FARTHER AWAY from the life we desire. You have the power to choose!

We will discuss two areas of focus that are the most overlooked, yet have the most impact.
Your thoughts and Your Exposure
1. Intention with your thoughts. Stop and take note on how you are constantly speaking negative things to yourself.
“I am not good enough.”
“I am a terrible person.”
“I am lazy.”
“I am stupid.”
Or … “People must think I am _________.”
How has that been working for you? You will never be comfortable with yourself if you continue to speak to yourself this way. Imagine if you had a friend say to you all the things you say about yourself- you would drop them!
An Exercise on Reflection:
If you find yourself speaking negatively to yourself, this exercise will help you stop the negative self talk and realize the impact of your own words.
First, find a photo of yourself as a child and make a copy. Grab your favorite journal. Tape that photo of your younger self to a journal page. Look at that photo. Write down all the negative, terrible, hurtful and bad things you have ever said about yourself. After you are done, write about how it makes you feel having said that to the sweet girl in the photo, and include an apology note to yourself.
This will be hard. I’m not going to lie. But this part of reflection is important. And every time you say something negative about yourself imagine saying it to this little girl! This task will make you DEEPLY realize what you are doing to yourself. Have you done this exercise before, yet still continue to speak negatively towards and about yourself? Try it again! Reflection of your past can be very difficult. Though, it is a necessary step in moving forward in peace.

2. Be intentional with what is put in front of you. The media and for-profit companies want us to feel bad about ourselves because they can SELL us a solution or product to “fix it”. These companies spend millions of dollars each year developing advertising campaigns that feed the negative voice in our minds by creating doubt and draining our wallets. “Look! You need this workout video!” You are perfectly fine in both how you look and who you are. Nothing needs to be fixed! Take control over what is in front of you! Block ads and companies from your social media news feeds. Unsubscribe from emails that do not deliver positive content to your inbox. Block any person who is only posting negative content on social media. Follow body positive people or motivational speakers. Take time and disconnect from electronics all together! This small change will lighten the load of negativity in such a big way. Filtering what photos you see and the words you read will change your whole attitude. We spend so much time scrolling online – allow that time to create a positive impression.

By getting your mind in the right place, that alone will provide you with clarity and peace which is at the basis of intentional living.
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