Meet the Chick
After dominating corporate America, then launching a start up company into massive success – all ahead of schedule, it is evident that Maura Chick is undoubtedly a passionate and driven woman. But something, or rather SOMEONE was still standing in her way – HERSELF! As her boudoir photography clients poured in her door, she recognized the similarities of each unique woman’s journey and how it compared to her own journey in truly loving herself. Body insecurities, self doubt and perceived flaws and are all things that Maura, too, worked very hard to overcome. As her entrepreneurial career ignited, she became a mentor and educator. On this track, Maura was teaching others that it is not really HOW you run your business, rather, it is how your run your LIFE. Practicing what she taught others, she fell deeper in love with herself. Maura embraced her compassion and understood that her ability to help others was reaching far beyond just taking beautiful photos. She found herself exploring the psychology behind boudoir – “Self Love”. This journey ignited a deeper passion and brought her to becoming a Certified Life Coach. Self Love is a life long process. Maura found purpose in the pain of her hating herself for so many years, even despite her massive success. Consider yourself officially invited to discover the power and transformation that is waiting for you. Maura founded the Self Love Club where she coaches women through the process of healing themselves and finding their truest life.

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